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Vashikaran Mantra

1-Vashikaran spells

Chant the following mantra by chanting three hundred twenty four times in the day. If there is any intersection, then whichever place you go, then take a round of the intersection and roast it seven times and tilak on the frontal. Whatever will be seen by doing this will be abolished.

The mantra is as follows.

Namo adesh guru ko. Raja Mohu, Praja Mohu, Mohu Brahmin Bania.
In the form of Hanumant, Jagat Mohu, then Ramchandra Madi Madaya, the power of the Guru is my devotion, the Goddess of the Godhead.

2- Starting from auspicious Saturdays on Saturdays and Sundays, at night 101 times in the following chanting Japa, keep chanting the lamp while chanting mantra, and offer Google's tunes, flowers and sweet offerings. With this mantra, seven times by boiling and feeding any kind of man or woman, it will be under your control.

Hand Pasaru mata malu, Kachi fish eat, eight feet in the fourth watch, Jag Moh house go.

3- Start on any Saturday and keep sitting pure for 21 consecutive nights, then after lighting the lamp and giving the frankincense, chant the following chanting 144 times. In this way the mantra becomes proven. Later on any Monday, taking any of these flowers and wearing this mantra on it, 21 times it fogs. Anyone who smells that flower will be in control of you.


Namo order master's flower flowers
Chaushath Yogini has done a Tuna together
Flower flower is not fruit like the Hanumant Veer surrounded and
The smell of the smell of this flower we have
Soto Howe is the Junk Law
If you are sitting then bring it up and see which
Seeing Mohi Beyond Piyana
The power of my devotional guru
If you read the book, then the Kumbhi is afraid of hell.