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Husband Wife Relationship Problem Solution

 Dispute settlement between husband and wife



Astrologer Guru Kamandali Baba is a celebratory Jyotishcharya, specializing in the world famous Vedic Mantra Sadhana. he is a family fortune teller of millions of families. Kamandali Baba is the only astrologer who solves the problem of husband wife. He understand the problems of marital life well. Kamandali Baba has thirty-five years of experience in solving family problems. Kamandali Baba does not use black magic in the solution of family problems. Information about astrology to Kandali Baba is given by his guruji as the gift. Kamandali Baba Ji's father was also a famous astrologer. The science of astrology is involved in their blood.


Astrologer Guru Kamandali Baba ji is the guru of film star, Astrologer, MP, MP, MLA, Government Serving Government, Private Employee, Rich Dealers, Media Officers and Employees, Film Artists, TV Artists, Models, Housewives. Kamandali Baba has given the benefit of his astrology in all countries across America, including America, Africa, Australia, London. Kamandali Baba has been awarded with the Jyotish Ratna more than two dozen times so far. Kamandali Baba has so far resolved the marriage of millions of married couples with his astrological measures. And today, all the couples are enjoying a happy and joyfull life.


There are some special reasons for the distances in husband wife  relationship. Like the seventh house of the horoscope being contaminated. If there is Rahu, Guru, Mars, Ketu or Saturn sitting in the seventh house in the horoscope or there is a sight of them, tension remains in marital life. Another reason for stress among couples is that if the match score of both husband and wife's horoscope is low. Birth defects are pulse defects or pests. In the Janam Horoscope, the friendship of the planetary planets is not being met among them, or Gan dosh (defect) can also be in the horoscope.


Another reason for stress in marital life can be due to  use of black magic by any enemy. He may also be a hidden enemy of you, who is taking  the revenge from you. It may happen that the enemy wants to divorce you. You have an old hostility from an enemy who is hostile to you and wants to meet a Tantric and ruin your happy marriage. Wife's old lover or husband's old girlfriend can also be an enemy.


In some cases, the main reason for the stress of husband's wife's relationship is that the husband or wife may also have illicit relations or financial problems can be a cause of stress in relations. Not meeting the happiness of children is also often considered to be a major cause of breakdown of relations. Even if the husband or wife or both of them are working, even then they can not afford time for each other.

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