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Airdh Ratri Me Kare Vashikaran

You has been used in all the texts of captivity, in which the vatification of salt, vaporization with water, vashikaran from cardamom, conjunctivation by clotting, vaporization by chants, vowsing by havan, vatification of photos, honey from honey Vashikaran is important, some tantrik lunar Vajra is also used for vashikaran, Vashikaran is used by anyone to subdue their mind-work, their love If someone wants to subdue his boyfriend, then someone wants to subdue his lover, your son, daughter, or you away from husband wife, wife husband, employee boss, then multi your mother-in-law, by Vashikaran You can control any of your relatives, but more often than not, there is no result even if you use them, so that they become desperate or disappointed and their money and time are both get waste.
Today, we are telling you a method of vashikaran, whose result will get you in a few hours, this method of vashikaran had told us an Adivasi Teliya Maashan Tantric, but then I did not even notice this on this, but Now when I have received such complaints of many people from abroad, that some unscrupulous people are looting the people in the name of tantra, mantra and vashikaran, then I am very sad, then I have found this method of vandalism It was decided that this method of vashikaran can also be done to subdue the beloved or lover,
Today, we are going to tell an unsurpassed remedies of Vashikaran, which guarantees 100% abolition. Whatever you are going to do, you are free from any distortion. Yes, it will definitely cost you a bit, you have to take a spinning wheel in order to subdue this measure, even if the same spinning wheel used to be dear to Gandhiji. Charkha, you will get easily from the shops of the village industry. Now you have to combine a colorful photograph of the person you want to disguise. When all these things happen to you, call me. We will tell you how to do the next method. It is necessary to tell here that doing this ablution does not result in any physical or economic loss. Neither is cut there this item | Now we tell you the Vashikaran Mantra which you have to prove before in auspicious time.

       mantra ;

Dream Dream Doom Doom Than Than Mtenshevsevari (Amuk) Vasideem Kuru Kuru Swaha |

Mantra chanting number - one hundred twenty five thousand

Fire sacrificed number - thirty-two thousand

Good time - Holi, Diwali, Navratri, Dussehra, Basant Panchami,

Clothing - pink, violet, blue,

Garland - Rhinestone, Baijanti, Red Sandal,

Direction, answer, or east,
Location, quiet atmosphere, or river bank,

Second mantra of vashikaran |

om kree kree phulamatiya bhavaanee teree chadhe javaanee phoonk maare vasheekaran hove ,
tinakutiya devee badha naashe ( amuk) ke man mein prem badhaave bhavaanee maee kee duhaee ,